Sustain or strive! Is there a silver lining to crisis?

Convergence is evolving everything. In this brave new world, everything is changing - people, work, expectations. Today every organization is vulnerable to crisis. Unfortunately, no brand or organization is safe from getting hit by unpleasant incidents they didn’t directly cause. Digital Media – connecting people, removing boundaries and also making brand’s reputation more vulnerable. One needs to be prepared and know the tricks to tackle the social in order to retain their nationals and locals. Is your corporate communication team is capable? Equipped for top strategies? Understand business nuances and do they make the contribution relevant?

Crisis Communication and Reputation Management Conclave Series creates a platform to share best practices and to lay a foundation to develop a community of thought leaders and crisis experts for sharing of ideas and experiences.

The aim is to create a larger community of Communicators and Crisis professionals!!

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Key themes to be addressed, but not limited to:

Regulations – Controlling the very existence of business

Unravelling the myths of digital media and businesses

Reputation impact EMPLOYEES impact reputation

Responsiveness and Agility – Aim of the game of Crisis

In- house PR or Outsourcing PR team – Which one overtakes whom?

Who should attend Crisis Communication and Reputation Management ?

Head/ Director/ VP Professionals in Corporate Communication, Public Relations, Communication, Social Officer,Corporate Affairs, Marketing Communications Brand Communications and many more from:

Finance, Banking

Energy Retailers


Online Sales



Airlines and
Hotel Groups

Retail and FMCG

Food Industry

Information Technology


Tourism Boards

Mobile and internet
service providers

Service providers

Super markets

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Why to sponsor:

Partnering for Crisis Communication and Reputation Management 2018 will enable your organization to brand and promote the business offerings in unique way to Differentiated Audience Group. Conference Attendees: Head of Corporate Communication, Public Relations, Communication, Social Officer,Corporate Affairs,Marketing Communications, Brand Communications, who are keen to stay updated with Changing Disruptive World to sustain in the VUCA Times. Ways in which you can showcase your Brand:

  • Where else will you get a chance to meet the senior professionals of Communications from across Industry?
  • Where else will you get to know what are the requirements of laying down the best Crisis Communication strategies?
  • Where else will you get to know about the trending technologies and measuring tools in Crisis Communication audience is looking for?